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Kash Ross Creations

Kash Ross Hong Kong Custom Tailors is family owned and has been in business in the same location in downtown Portland Oregon for decades. Family tradition builds generations of skill and experience. And when looking for tailor made attire, skill is paramount. Kash Ross is the only master tailor in Portland Oregon still successfully operating a storefront after over 40 years. Trained by his father, a well known and respected clothing maker in Bombay, Kash Ross learned the art of a custom tailor. In any visit to the store you may be privy to one of Kash’s many rich stories from traveling through America and Europe fitting successful men. All of this world experience, skill, and creativity are present in Kash Ross Hong Kong Tailors creations.

Kash Ross Creations

  • Kash Ross
    740 SW Washington St, Portland,
    OR 97205, United States


We are always there for you

  • 9.30am - 6pm
  • 10am - 5pm

Our bespoke tailors are always there to take care of your premium clothing.

  • If you are looking for a great suit,great fit and an awesome look, seek out Roshan at Kash Ross Tailors. I needed a new suit for my son's Wedding Rehearsal dinner. The look they came up with was perfect ! It was a great start to a week of great memories!

    R Bruce Williams
  • Do you appreciate quality, and are you willing and have the means to pay for it? If you do, this is the place to go for great quality clothing.  Roshan and Victor are men of the "old school" who understand and appreciate their customers and know how to dress them. You will spend some money here - but it will be the best money you ever spent. My father never had a shirt that was "off the rack" - and believe me when I tell you that he would have loved this place.  Treat yourself to good clothing.  You will look better and feel better wearing it.  But don't go half way - go to a family of people who know fabric, tailoring and style.
    William D
  • I had heard about Kash Ross from a close friend of mine who has had shirts custom made. They even embroidered initials into the cuffs. When I saw them I knew I had to have them too.  I had to opportunity to experience Kash Ross first hand when a close friends wedding was coming up. For he was in search of a particular style, cut, and fit. Having gone to the "traditional" suit shops we were unable to get what we were looking for. I had a business card with me of Kash Ross and right as I called expert tailor, Roshan, answered and immediately set up an appointment the next day. Upon arrival I was so thoroughly impressed with the shop, the atmosphere, the staff, and service that I knew I had made the perfect choice when I picked up the phone. Needless to say my friend's suit and shirts were dialed in to his exact specifications and delivered on time. No hassles, no worries, no problems.  When my friend was finished getting fitted I had to jump in. I absolutely love the shirts I had made. Every time I wear them I get compliments, without fail. The selection of fabrics is top notch. I'm no expert on what makes fabrics special, but after a brief 10 minute conversation I felt empowered about style and choice. The pattern selection is vast allowing a myriad of personalities to express their unique style. Everything, I mean everything about Kash Ross is a special experience. This is a family owned business, so relationships are genuine. There is nothing like having clothes made for you, and only you. From this point forward I plan to have all my professional attire crafted by the hands of Kash Ross, and encourage others do so as well.
    Anthony M.
  • I went in to have a couple Pendleton shirts tailored, custom suits are not my usual arena but I enjoyed my experience here. Kash Ross & Roshan were both very personable and helpful. Kash is aging, but I could see his people were continuing his tradition of excellence. Their customs are made in Hong Kong and then tailored locally. Impressive selection of fabrics, custom fabrications of shirts, jackets, slacks etc for a high, but not unreasonable price. I got the full sales pitch for sure, but it was quite informative without being overbearing and I came away feeling well acquainted with their methods, something I cannot say for any dry-cleaning type alterations specialists. I would trust these folk to whip me up some fine garments any day.
    Mac R.
  • Great place to get an alteration, a custome suit made or to make add ons or alterations to your existing suit. Just dream something up and bring your idea in and they will make it happen rather quickly!
    Lewis Marklin M.
  • I bought a nice off-the-rack suit for my wedding and brought it to Kash Ross for some detail work. They were extremely pleasant to work with and politely steered me in the right directions to make sure I looked my best. They are the experts after all. Also, my suit came back looking like it had been custom-made (and I thought it looked good before the tailoring). And I did have them make me a custom shirt. It turned out great. Highly recommended.
    Absolom H.
  • Our 17 year old son, Taylor, looked magnificent in his suit, shirt & tie from your store. He was so proud standing in the front row. All you did to make it HIS suit and the fine adjustments to make it fit like a second skin were so appreciated for his special day.

    Bill Kutz, Susan Porter & Taylor Kutz
  • I am so totally pleased and impressed with my new clothes. You guys made superb selections and the fit is perfect -- on all items. I'm going to be the best dressed guy on the Queen Mary II and that is really good, cause my wife will be the best dressed woman. Jo Ann has always been a very stylish dresser. She only wishes that she had her own tailors to make it happen. Thanks you so much for your professional and responsive services. Kash -- wishing you a complete and full recovery, and much happiness to you and your family in the future.

    A totally satisfied customer, again --

    Larry R. Jasper
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